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The Haunted House @ DGS! -Help needed today-

Many of you have likely seen a lot of activity over at DGS, Albert has been working tirelessly building what is soon to be Dig it, Grow it, Share it‘s first Haunted House! If you haven’t met Albert yet, you will soon as he is taking on an active role and making big improvements are our little oasis.

After weeks of construction Monday’s storm was not kind to Albert’s structure, it nearly leveled it, but Albert has been working harder than ever rebuilding and he needs your help! There are many tasks to be completed to create the structure, he is working there all day today - Wednesday 10/5 - and could use some hands. Apologies for the late late notice, but things are ever changing!

If anyone has time please drop by and offer a hand, please do! He is doing everything from framing to ground leveling to decorating and painting. He also has roles to be played during the active haunted house!

Stay tuned for more details and thanks in advance!

Happy Planting


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Oct 06, 2022

My son and I are taking the day off today (Thursday) if Albert is still at it! Happy to go over and help.


June Attenberger
June Attenberger
Oct 05, 2022

When is the haunted house?

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