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Sprinklers/Birds/Plot Maintenance

Hello gardeners! I hope you all are well. We have been getting some much needed landscaping and general maintenance done in bits and pieces, but the plots need maintenance too! Many plots are over grown and over due for some weeding and sprucing up. I changed out lots of little sprinkler heads to some better ones and left extras in the shed. Even though it’s super hot I just planted summer squash and loofas at home and they’re growing! it’s not too late to plant more stuff!

The birds have been doing some serious damage to our fruits and tomatoes, they got every peach and a lot of tomatoes, Dawn mentioned the reason they just stab them is they are getting the water out. She put a bird bath in her plot and I hung a bucket of water from a tree by the herb boxes and filled some bird feeders with water. I really hope this helps. If the bucket is empty plz fill it, especially if it’s working.

I saw our camper, Nine, today and unfortunately was a bit harsh to him. I told him he cannot take peoples veggies and needs to take his bikes and carry on. I’m sure he’s not a bad person but he can’t camp there and leave his stuff everywhere and take the fruits of YOUR labor.

Happy Planting all! Stay cool :-)

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