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Spring Planting Newsletter

Hello Gardeners,

What a wonderful year we have had! First and foremost I want to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone of you. The wonderful support and efforts of our awesome community has been immeasurable and Dig it, Grow it, Share it could not have come this far without everyone's involvement and team work.

Next, the time for spring planting is now, it is a great time to plant okra, onions, sunflowers, radishes, tomatoes, melons, carrots, basil, beans, peas, corn, cucumbers, Armenian cucumbers, and peanuts, too! I am looking for a master gardener (perhaps one of our members) to hold a gardening class for us. I have reached out to a few nurseries and Facebook groups but have not yet solidified anyone. If you know of someone interested in doing this, please send them our way! I was hoping to have the class by the second weekend of April, at the latest.

This last season was very plentiful, so plentiful a lot of our harvest is flowering and going past its point of deliciousness, a great problem to have, if you ask me. But, we don't want the fruits of our labor going to waste either. The composting facility has gone very, very well and plays a big part in our success, another thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped with that (shout out to Debbe, Ashley, Jordan, and many more!)

I look forward to seeing you all soon and hope we can get the gardening class set up soon.

Last, but not least, welcome to all of our new members! I hope you have a chance to meet your fellow gardeners soon. As the weather warms up the watering schedule will be adjusted accordingly and keep in mind we all work together to keep our little mini plots nice and hydrated, don't be shy to give them a sprinkle when the soil seems dry. Please reach out with any questions/comments/concerns and...

Happy Planting!

P.S. Check out Billy, the peach tree, and all his peaches!!!

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