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Security Update

Hello all!

It’s going to be cooling off for Fall Plantimg before we know it! Unfortunately that is not the topic of this post.

We have had another theft at DGS. 6 planters were taken from Michell’s Grounding & Meditation circle. To prevent any more of this ridiculous and awful behavior I will be installing security cameras and more motion sensor lights. I’ve talked to our awesome neighbor and she’s agreed to let us hook the cameras to her WiFi, that has been the issue all along with getting cameras installed is they need WiFi. In the mean time please be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

I still have getting signage on my list but keep getting stuck on wording and wind up not getting them ordered, if anyone is interested in helping with this that would be awesome! I got some quotes at the sign place for some nice metal ones and I have stuff to mount them too! Just need a designer & help with what to say on them.

Last, but certainly not least, our next event is going to be Saturday September 25th, just a fall planting & meet n greet for all our members because we have lots that haven’t met! We’ll definitely need to do another landscaping day (or 2) before then, but we have a lot more tools to work with and with a little group we can really bang it out quick. Ok, thats all for now!

Happy Planting


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So sorry to hear about all the security issues and recent theft to our beautiful garden! Thank you all for being vigilant and reporting any suspicious activity!

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