Goodies for Our Soil!

Hello Gardeners!

A few topics I wanted to touch base on, I have noticed the new topsoil we got is so fine it has become rather muddy and hard to manage in some plots. To remedy this we have fresh compost available to mix in, in the compost bin with the blue rope. I also grabbed a big bag of Perlite, which helps, a handheld tilling tool, and more earth worth castings! I will put all in shed and it’s available for use :-) just remember to try and leave a little for everyone. I got the last bag of Perlite, if people need more I can find it. Also, the plots still seems so wet all the time so the watering is back to 20 min, every OTHER day, lmk your thoughts on this, I went and checked with the meter and everything was very wet with the lower temps. Happy Planting!

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