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Goodies for Our Soil!

Hello Gardeners!

A few topics I wanted to touch base on, I have noticed the new topsoil we got is so fine it has become rather muddy and hard to manage in some plots. To remedy this we have fresh compost available to mix in, in the compost bin with the blue rope. I also grabbed a big bag of Perlite, which helps, a handheld tilling tool, and more earth worth castings! I will put all in shed and it’s available for use :-) just remember to try and leave a little for everyone. I got the last bag of Perlite, if people need more I can find it. Also, the plots still seems so wet all the time so the watering is back to 20 min, every OTHER day, lmk your thoughts on this, I went and checked with the meter and everything was very wet with the lower temps. Happy Planting!

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Maybe since everything was sooooo wet and even muddy for the last few weeks, we could go down to watering 2 times a week for 20 minutes until the plots have a chance to dry out a little bit. Then see how the plants are doing. It is very hard for vegetables to recover from over watering.


I was at the garden for a couple of hours today. I checked my plot, and the other plots in the garden. I think that everything is still too wet. My plot actually has MOSS growing on top of the soil in the spots that do not get enough sun...this contributes, of course. Plant roots need oxygen as much as they need water. If the soil is continually wet, the area around the roots cannot absorb any oxygen. The plants need time to absorb the water and the oxygen in order to get the nutrients from the soil and to thrive. Over-watering also causes many other problems, fungus, disease and ultimately kills the plant. If those interested could please check…


The top soil, entire plots, are too wet from over-watering. Fine top soil is a good thing. If the gardeners mix the Perlite into their plots and as Perlite is a soil additive used to help Keep moisture in the soil, I think that watering 2 times per week for 20 or 25 minutes would be enough. Watering less for a longer period of time is preferred to help the plant's roots grow deeper into the soil. I get my Perlite at Home Depot.

These are my thoughts.

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