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Fall News at DGS

Hello Gardners and friends! Summer is obviously upon us, which was my cheap excuse for not doing volunteer days for June & July. It’s just so warm, but our beautiful gardens didn’t get to run away and hide from the heat, and they need our HELP!!

The grass is back with a vengeance and taking over plots again, let’s show it who’s boss.

Rick, our friendly volunteer landscaper has stayed committed to keeping the walkways and common areas in beautiful shape, the least we can do is maintain our plots too.

We are going to have a BIG volunteer day event planned in August, with some heavy equipment and grand plans, stay tuned for details.

As Summer concludes we have some seriously exciting stuff coming up! Wendi & Albert Jaramillo are going to take DGS to the next level. They are ignited by the untapped potential and are ready to captain the next chapter of Dig it, Grow it, Share it. Wendy currently leads the Garden & Grow events which have been a great success and I’ll just say one more time that is just the beginning!

Can’t wait to see you all soon, Happy Planting!

-Dig it, Grow it, Share it

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Annette Niebelski
Annette Niebelski
Aug 24, 2022

Hi, anyone want a orange Bell pepper plant? Its about 24 inches. I have it in a pot on my patio but my landlord doesn't want me to have it. I live near the garden. Come to my place with a dolly so you can just wheel it away in the pot. Text me 602-825-3446


Ondrea Barber
Ondrea Barber
Jul 21, 2022

excited to learn more about the future plans and ideas. The grass is out of control so it will be nice to brainstorm ideas about how to minimize grass in our plots (and the common areas). Looking forward to the event in August. Thanks Jenna!

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