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DGS Updates: Watering/Compost/Canceled Plans

Hello Gardeners! A few updates for everyone.

1. If you got an email saying your plan was canceled, it wasn't. The website has been acting up.

2. The watering schedule has been increased to 30 minutes every other morning.

3. Please do not put pine needles in the compost bays that are labeled "leaves" or "grass". They do not break down. The needles are good ground cover and can be spread out or put by the burn piles and we'll discard of them. but they don't really need to be raked up in general.

Things are looking great at DGS. The Loofa plants Melissa gave us are blooming! We have several new members planting away, and even though it is getting hot the plots are still producing.

There are extra shade covers in between the sheds, or you are welcome to put whatever shade type you choose over your plot, should you need it. If you haven't planted Okra, now is the time! we had a great harvest of Okra last year. It thrives in summer and creates shade for your other plants as well.

Any questions or comments please reach out, Happy Planting!

Congrats to Malorie & Johann, they got married last weekend!

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