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August Monthly Newsletter

An Exciting Fall Season at DGS! 

Thank you all for staying connected to Dig it, Grow it, Share it during the heartbreaking mayhem happening in our city and our country. 

What We’re Up To

Our first growing season has produced harvest! We made it through some tricky challenges and while it may not have been perfect, our green-thumbed gardeners have produced many big and bountiful vegetables (the squashes are huge)! Fall is going to be an even more exciting season at Dig it, Grow it, Share it. The wonderful compost being made thanks to the dedication and hard work of our members will be instrumental to next season's growth (big shout out to Jackson & Peri for managing the composting system). We will be expanding our growing areas by building 8-10 more personal plots with irrigation, installing more permanent shade structures, landscaping and tree trimming, and more. We will also be introducing events! Many members of our community are interested in hosting events at DGS, such as movie nights, yoga classes, paint classes, farmer's markets, and dinners prepared by local chefs! Our main focus is on keeping these events small and intended for the members of the garden and the nearby neighbors in the community. Thus ensuring they are enjoyable and welcomed and do not cause any nuisances or disturbances for those living close by.  More details soon to come! Feel free to reach out with any questions and concerns and I look forward to collaborating with our members and continuing to make DGS a beautiful and beneficial space for our community. Happy Planting! -Dig it, Grow it, Share it- A community garden, growing community.

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