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September Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Fall expansion is right around the corner! Saturday, September 26th, 9am. 

And what an interesting summer it has been, between the heat and the pandemic, a lot has been put on hold, it is time to get rockin' again! 

What We’re Up To

Remember back when we were shoveling and getting dirty all the time? We're doing it again! We are adding 8 more personal plots and installing shade structures for all the plots and for seating areas. We are also restructuring the composting area, and doing some general grooming to get the garden ready for fall events. Of course by "we", I mean, you!  There are landscapers coming this week to extend the irrigation and dig out the locations of the new plots. Throughout the month I will be ordering the materials we need to construct the boxes and hopefully making it as seamless as possible. We are all excited for the fall planting season, the expansion event is set for September 26th, 9am, giving us enough time to be ready for October planting. Hopefully, nothing else catastrophic happens.  The other fall events mentioned in the last newsletter are still in the works and everyone is very excited to continue moving forward. Keep an eye out for info and dates of Yoga classes, dinner events, and more! Members of Dig it, Grow it, Share it, will always be the first to know and be offered pre-registration and discounts for these events! Big shout out to Carvana, our sponsors of the expansion event! September 19th, the Saturday before the event I will hold a meeting open to all members to come by and offer suggestions, choose volunteer spots, and collaborate again, its been too long since we've been allowed to!  Happy Planting! -Dig it, Grow it, Share it- A community garden, growing community.

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